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Walking through the woods or walking a dog through a busy, crowded neighborhood are two different things. Wearing a safety vest with reflective lines can help you stand out from the crowd, be visible at approaching cars and keep you safe while walking. Our FREEMOVE reflective vest and the additional free of charge included arm bands in yellow colour made from breathable mesh are very comfortable and easy to wear so you won't even realize that you are wearing them. 

The greatest advantage of all, it will make you visible to cyclists, drivers and runners at 750 feet distance from you, no matter when you take a walk (in the evening, early at dawn or even late at night). There are large reflective surfaces on the waist, chest and back side of the vest, with strips running across the shoulders (on the front and at the back side) to increase visibility in fog, rainy days and total darkness.


Stand out in the dark with our reflective vest kit that shines in headlights.