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With the daylight hours few and far between especially when we head into winter, there could be many dusky and dark runs ahead. It is essential to stay safe. This means that runners should be visible from head to toe. If you plan to run early morning or late at night, it is time to invest in some reflective gear. 

Than look no further; the FREEMOVE Reflective vest kit is exactly what you need! Our reflective vest is visible from 750 feet and gives you a 360 degree visibility, which makes it the perfect choice for runners and joggers! The mesh fabric makes FREEMOVE Reflective Vest literally weightless, so you don't feel you're wearing an extra layer while exercising. 

Designed for use by both men, women and children, the velcro side closures allow you to easily secure the vest for a comfortable, custom fit, so no flapping around to distract you from your activities. A front zippered pocket keeps your keys, electronics and other valuables securely in place while out running.