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Get This Complete Hydration Pack Now And Get All-In-1 Combo- Save Your Peace Of Mind And Keep Yourself Hydrated During Your Sports Routine

No, you are not dreaming! Now you are given the chance to have everything you need before going cycling or running, without having to purchase each one of them separately!

Our amazing pack includes:

•  a big capacity backpack
•  a premium quality water bladder
•  and an insulated cooler bag.

Save money, time and effort by buying this fantastic pack- and keep yourself hydrated all the time!

Place Everything You Need Inside The Backpack

Do you need something in order to store your valuables inside?
Our backpack is ideal for that, as it features many compartments and a big capacity (up to 6 liters!
Its high quality construction will blow your mind off- as it’s made from Ripstop polyester in order to be water resistant!
Its soft, padded shoulder straps as well as its flexibility will keep you comfortable during your sports routine or while doing your favorite activity!
Get it now and feel the difference!

Keep Yourself Hydrated And Your Food Fresh

Our pack also contains a water bladder that can store up to 2 liters- in order to keep yourself hydrated wherever you go!
Made by TPU, it guarantees to keep your water safe, without bacteria! An anti-leaking control is also featured, in order to keep all of your liquids inside without losing a drop! 

Our third product is a cooler bag that will keep all of your supplies fresh and cool for you! Its dimensions are ideal in order to fit the water bladder for ultimate space saving!
We know how to design functional and all-inclusive packs- get ours now and feel the difference!








THE HIGHEST QUALITY THAT YOU DESERVE: Our backpack is constructed by Ripstop polyester material, which is highly water resistant! Place inside whatever you want without worrying about undesirable leaks! What is more, it features strong, high quality zippers and buckles- it’s built to last, even if you are an extreme sports fan! Get it now and feel the difference! 

LARGE CAPACITY: Do you need a backpack that you can place all of your stuff inside, without hassle? Get our backpack now, which is designed so as to have a lot of compartments in order to store inside as many things as possible! A total volume is 6- liters. Our product comes together with a large handle, in order to carry it much more easily- no matter the weight placed inside! 

KEEP YOURSELF HYDRATED: This hydration backpack is No, you are not dreaming! Our pack comes together with a water bladder, which can store up to 2 liters inside! No matter if you go hiking or trekking- you’ll still be able to hydrate yourself with ease! It’s constructed by TPU (best anti-bacterial material) and includes a neoprene insulated hose in order to keep your water safe and cool inside! 

MAINTAIN THE QUALITY OF YOUR SUPPLIES: It’s a fact- we’re talking about the most complete hydration pack! Our third product is a cooler bag - insulated sleeve that has an anti-leaking texture and is designed so as to protect your food or drinks safe- no more undesirable effects! Place whatever you want inside without hassle, as a Velcro opening is also featured! 

WE GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION: We want our clients to be happy, so just in case you feel disappointed with your purchase, we guarantee to give your money back within the first 30 days after your purchase, without hassle. Providing the highest quality to our customers is our primary goal.






Hydration Bladder and Cooler Bag - Sleeve


PREMIUM QUALITY, SAFE AND DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: This top notch 2ltr water source hydration bladder is made of high quality, FDA approved, BPA and taste free TPU and it features a sturdy neoprene hose. What is more, the large opening makes cleaning it an effortless task.

ERGONOMIC, PORTABLE DESIGN: The FREEMOVE outdoor hydration reservoir bladder features a 36 x 15cm / 14,1 x 5,9 inch size when it is full and it only weighs 2,20 kgs / 4,85 pounds, allowing you to effortlessly carry it with you. What is more, the 110cm / 43 inch long hose, the large 3,4 inch opening for ice cubes, the quick release tube, the auto lock system and the soft bite mouthpiece assure incomparably easy, comfortable and leak free use.

A MUST HAVE FOR EVERY FITNESS AND OUTDOORS ENTHUSIAST: Whether you like backpacking, camping, hiking, cycling, running, kayaking, water sports, or you just love exploring nature and enjoy spending time outdoors, this heavy duty hydration bladder is ideal for you! Its lightweight design along with its 2L capacity will help you have access to clear water and remain perfectly hydrated at all times!  

GET A USEFUL ITEM FOR FREE: Upon placing your order you are instantly offered a practical insulated bottle and snack sleeve at no additional charge. This 2L/70oz bladder capacity sleeve features a water resistant, rip stop polyester outer surface, as well as a waterproof aluminum insulation with 3mm thermal foam inner construction. It can keep your food and drinks cold or hot and it is very easy to carry as it has a Velcro opening and a large carrying handle.